Susanna Bubble aka Susanna lau from Style Bubble

We Are Fan Loving UK Blogger Susie Bubble from Style Bubble

As part of our blog we want to share Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers we think are worth a mention. Our first blogger is Susie Bubble and we think you will love her as much as we do.  

Susanna Lau, aka. Susie Bubble runs the funky little blog called Style Bubble. She does a lot of coverage of the fashion industry and has a quirky sense of style we think is the bee’s knees. The girl is a brand of her own. She started Style Bubble in 2006 and has since been a force in the fashion blogger world.

She has a new baby named Nico, which makes her far more intriguing…and although she is all about her new baby, she continues to venture into the fashion world like a don. Check out her Instagram here. It’s brilliant. Also, keep on top of this It Girl’s blog even though she isn’t a voracious poster of any sort. We’re cool with that.

Read one of her latest fashion features on Style Bubble, ‘In the Country’ where she rocks a pair of Chloe sunglasses, and various pieces from the Coach A/W Collection. Check out that scrumptious shearling coat. Yum!

Susie Bubble styled in Coach


Get to know Susie’s personal style in this British Vogue Inside the Wardrobe episode. How can you not love her, she’s so cute!

Interesting fact: She grew up in Camden above a Chinese. Keep it real Susie!

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